Tomb Raider - The famous Archaeologist as Slot Machine

Online casino games have a long history on the internet and almost exist for as long as the net itself. They are also one of the most famous games around, because they are not only fun, but also allow players to win some real cash. However, even more important yet, is the fact, that thanks to latest mobile technology, those games can be played from literally everywhere, an internet connection exists, using smartphones or tablets.

General Information about the Tomb Raider Slots

This lovely designed five reel slot machine will be familiar to most fans of the epic Game and Movie Tomb Raider. Hero and archaeologist Lara Croft is here and makes the difference between a big win or a bad loss. Additional symbols include other icons from the series, as well as letters and numbers, found in other slots as well. Players may use up to 30 pay lines, in their attempts to win the jackpot. In order to assist them, Tomb Rider offers a variety of bonus games. There are of course the common free spins, players can unlock, but there is also the exciting super mode and a special global adventure bonus. To play Tomb Raider gratis, no signup or registration are required. In addition, Tomb Raider can be played from most mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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Try your luck - bet real Cash

Players, who look for a challenge and wish to try their luck, can play online casino games betting real money. While there is of course a risk of losing, this means also, that all winnings and payouts are real. To do so, players must be at least 18 years old and must also sign up for a game account. Once the account is setup, players can then recharge it using common payment methods and start betting real money instantly. Players might also qualify for special offers and promotions, when they decide to recharge their account with real cash.

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