Timber Jack - The Wood Chopper

Ever since the internet has made it into the public, online games have been an important part of it and usually provided the part, responsible for pleasure, while the net was mostly used for work and business. Even though there are many games around, that offer various flairs and options, none of these has become as popular as casino games are. Thousands of players from all over the world play on many different sites. They enjoy some fun and nice winnings with classics such as poker or blackjack but also with other games, such as slot machines. With the latest advancement of mobile devices, casino games - unlike most MMORPGs - can now also be played from smartphones and tablets, being available from literally everywhere.

General Information about Timber Jack

As the name implies, Timber Jack is all about wood chopping and hence using a somewhat different theme, than most other slots do. The lovely designed mobile slots uses funny icons, including wood chopper huts, bears and the maple leaf, as well as letters and numbers known from other game. Like most slot machines, Timber Jack uses the common five reels and 30 pay lines to play. The bonus features include up to 15 free spins, than can be unlocked in various amounts by playing. In addition there are several different types of wilds, which can significantly help the player to win. Timber Jack can be played gratis, without the need of signup or account registration. In addition, the game works on most mobile devices as well as on computers and smartphones.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
Thank you and have fun!

Like the real Thing - Play for Cash

Of course casino games are even more fun, if players can win real cash while playing. All that is required is some money and a good portion of luck. In order to gamble for real cash, players need to sign up for an account, which then can be recharged, using common payment methods, such as credits cards. The Credits on the account can then be used, to play any of the casino games, betting and - consequently - win real money. In addition, players might qualify for nice bonus perks, special offers and promotions, such as extra credits or free spins, to help them getting started and to value their choice to try playing the real thing.

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