So Much Candy - A sweet Adventure

Online casinos are famous and popular all over the wold, ever since they first appeared on the web. Unlike other types of online games, casino games are not only fun, but also allow players, with some luck, to win cash prizes, from the commodity of their homes. However, there is also another advantage: while most online games can only be played from a computer, casino games allow almost always, to be played from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets as well. This allows players, to gamble from literally everywhere. One of the better known mobile slots is Basketball Star.

What Players should know about So much Candy

So much Candy is an exciting five reel mobile slot machine, that is however, somewhat challenging. There is a maximum of 24 pay lines and icons include letters and numbers, known from many other slot machines, as well as different variants of candy. A special icon is the Free Spin symbol, which as the name implies, activates the up to 16 free spins, the game does offer. In addition, the is a one time multiplier and the commonly found wilds and scatters. The maximum payout is 64000 coins. So much Candy can be played gratis from mobile devices and computers, with no registration or signup required.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
Thank you and have fun!

Challenge your Luck - Gamble with real Cash

Casino games are even more exciting and more fun, if they can be played for real money. This is especially true for classics, such as Double Double Bonus Poker. In order to do so, players must be at least 18 years old and sign up for an account. Afterwards they can recharge money onto their account, which can then be used for real cash games. By doing so, some players might also be eligible to special offers and bonuses, in the form of extra cash, free spins and other perks, to help them getting started. The site offers various payment methods, for players to recharge their accounts, including credit cards and others.

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