So Many Monsters - A funny Monster Adventure

So Many Monsters mobile slots is a funny game about monsters. There are several nicely animated monsters and aliens, along with colorful letters and numbers, as they are found in other slot machines. In order to win, players need to get ten of a kind. No an easy job, which is, why there are several exciting bonus games, to help the player making big cash. The game uses the common five reels on a total of 25 pay lines. In addition, players can unlock up to 16 free spins and there is one special high pay symbol., together with wilds and scatters. The maximum payout is 64440 coins. The game can be played on mobile devices as well as on computers without any issues or missing features. In order to play So Many Monsters gratis no account or signup is required, making So Many Monsters perfect for a quick game or to play without risk, just for fun.

General Information about So Many Monsters

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