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General Gameplay Information

Players, trying out Rugby Stars, will find a lovely animated five reel slot machine, that is all about the football-like famous British sports. Several icons, representing players, equipment and bonus symbols are making the difference between winning the game or losing. There is a total of 243 pay lines and players can win up to 120000 coins, which can either be cashed out or used to keep playing. To help the player, there are several different bonus games, such as the well known scatters and wilds, but also up to 25 free spins and 10x multipliers. In addition to these, already nice bonus features, there is also the exciting Wild Pass feature, which is very useful to win. Rugby Star has been published in a special mobile version, so that it does not only work on computers, but also on smartphones and tablets. In order to play Rugby Star for free, no signup or registration are required.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
Thank you and have fun!

Up for a Challenge? Play Rugby Star for Real Cash

Players, who are willing to put some risk into the slots and who are at least 18 years old, can decide to sign up for a game account and start playing Rugby Star, betting real money. By doing so, they of course have a chance to win real cash as well, as all winnings will be real and credited to their account. Players might also benefit from extra perks and promotions, such as extra money or free spins, to help them getting started and to reward their decision, to try playing with real cash.

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