Ruby Hitman - A Dangerous yet Exciting Adventure

With the internet making it into the public, it was only a matter of time, that online games evolved. Besides all the many multiplayer games and MMORPGs, casinos have also taken their chances and moved into the virtual realms of the internet. It is not a surprise, that this was a quite successful move and that online casino games are counted towards the most popular ones around. They are fun to play, easy to learn and allow players, who are lucky enough, to win large sums, from virtually everywhere and without actually having to visit a casino. With newest advances in mobile technology, it has also become possible, for most casino games and slots, to run perfectly fine on smartphones and tablets.

General Information about Big Hitman

Avid computer gamers most likely know the Hitman series, which takes the player onto an exciting but dangerous journey into the underworld. The Hitman mobile slots now bring this famous game into online casinos and onto the players mobile devices. The nicely designed game comes with the common five reels and offers a total of 15 pay lines for the player to bet on. Symbols in the game are not only various characters but also dangerous items, such as guns and knives. All of these must be aligned correctly, for the player to win the jackpot of 67500 coins in cash. But there is help: players can unlock up to 18 free spins, 2x multipliers or the extended wilds for help. In addition, the slots offer the famous Click Me bonus feature, which can easily make the difference between a big win or a great loss. Hitman can be played gratis and without signup or registration from most mobile devices as well as from any computer.

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Like the real thing - Bet your Cash and win

Casinos games of course get their real attraction, when betting and possibly winning real money. Players who feel lucky and are at least 18 years old, may for that reason sign up for a real cash account and start playing all online slots and casino games, betting money. By doing so, players have the chance, to win real money, which can then be used to keep playing or cashed out. In addition, players signing up for an account may benefit from special offers and promotions for some additional perks or money, to help them getting started.

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