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Casino games have been one of the most successful games for years, played by million of players. Out of all casino games, the most successful ones are the slot machines. They are not only easy to learn, but also invite for a fast game, that can be played even with a little time at hand. Thanks to the great improvement of smartphones and tablets, it has also become possible, to play Casino games from these mobile devices, allowing to play from pretty much everywhere, not just from the computer at home or at the office.

What's Gold Factory all about?

Like most slot machines, the Gold Factory Slots have a total of five reels. The game invites the player to participate in an exciting journey, where the player has to travel by train, hot air balloon and a yellow submarine, to make it to the mysterious gold factory. All that is needed, to be successful on the trip is a cool head and some luck. No money is needed, because the players have the option to play the Gold Factory Mobile Slots gratis for as long as they want. This is perfect for new players, who yet have to get used to the game or for people, who are just looking for some fun, without the risk of losing any money.

Gold Factory Mobile Slots uses many of the known icons from other slots, such as letters and numbers, that can be accumulated on the different lines, for a chance to win. But that's not all. First of all there are icons for the different means of travel but also for the many different products, that are being made by the factory. There are fun and unique icons, like a golden trolley, golden ingots and coins and the precious bonus medallion, that can help making the game a lot easier.

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Payment and Free Games option

It is important to point out again, that Gold Factory can be played both, on mobile devices and on computers and is completely free of charge. Players can play as many free games as they want, spending and winning virtual money, without the risk of losing. Those players, who are looking for a real challenge however, can play the mobile Slots for real money, thus also winning real cash. While an account or registration are not required for free games, players who wish to bet real money, must be at least 18 years old and register for an account. However, as a little extra, there are waiting some nice promotions and extra cash, for those tough enough, to play Gold Factory for

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