Dragon Dance 🐲 All about Dragons

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What Players should know about Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is a lovely designed, five reel slot machine, inviting the play to participate in a mysterious journey into the lands of fantasy and dragons. Symbols used are - of course - the dragon, as well as some letters and numbers, known from other mobile slots, along with some other icons. The game supports a full 243 pay lines for players to bet on and win and a maximum payout of 60000 credits. Dragon Dance also offers a wide variety of bonus games, players can unlock. For example, there are up to 15 free spins, that can be unlocked, as well as 3x multipliers and the commonly known scatters and wildcards. A special option is the possibility, to re-spin individual reels, significantly increasing the chances for a win. Dragon Dance can be played gratis and without registration, from mobile devices as well as from computers and laptops.

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Up for a Challenge? Play mobile slots for real Cash

Of course casino games are even more fun, if you can win some real cash with them. However, in order to do so, players must also bet some real cash first. For this, an age of at least 18 years is required and players must sign up for a game account. They can then recharge their account, using current payment methods, such as credit cards, to start gambling. In addition to that, players might benefit from special offers, promotions and other perks, such as extra money or free spins, in order to help them getting started and to reward their valor, playing for real cash.

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