Couch Potato - All about Vegetables

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How to play Couch Potato

Couch Potato is quite different than one may think, by listening to the name. It is a very simple and classic slot machine, with a total of three reels and just a single pay line. Icons are different fruits and vegetables, which of course also include the potato - a bonus symbol. On a first look, the game is nicely animated and the maximum pay with 1500 coins is OK, given the little reels and pay lines. While there are no free spins, Couch Potato offers between five and 25 free spins for players to increase their chances to win. All free spins are triggered by the potato. Due to its classic style, the game is of excellent performance and works fast and flawless not only on PCs but also on most mobile devices. To play gratis, no registration or signup is required, which makes this slot machine perfect for a quick game, just for fun or for new players, who are still getting familiar with online slot machines.

Sometimes the mobile slot is not loaded immediately - then please reload the window once.
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Be Tough - Bet Cash in Couch Potato

Players who are looking for an additional challenge, can - if they are at least 18 years old - sign up for a game account, to play for real cash. Once set up, the account can be recharged with all commonly accepted payment methods. This way, players can bet and win real cash, that can either be paid out or used to keep playing. In addition, there are frequently special offers and promotions, offering perks for players who sign up for their real cash account, helping them getting started.

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