Bars & Stripes - A US American Adventure

Online Casinos are ever since they first made it into the public one of the most famous gaming sites around the world. Millions of players gamble on the several different pages, trying to win money or just enjoying some fun. Games include typical casino games, such as Craps or Poker, but also slot machines, which are generally the most popular ones on any gaming site. The reasons are, that a slot machine is easy to learn and handle and in addition, a game does not requite a lot of time nor knowledge. On of those slots is Bars & Stripes. Developed from the famous company Microgames, it invites the player to experience the American style of life.

How to play Bars & Stripes

Bars & Strips - on a first glance - is a typical slot machine. On five reels and 25 pay lines, the player encounters a wide variety of icons, symbolizing the American style of life. There are footballs as well as typical food, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, etc. In order to win, those icons must be aligned on the reels. Unlike most other gratis slots, Bars & Stripes does not offer any free spins, but does offer both - scatters and wildcards - for bonus games. The highest possible payout is 47500 coins. While at first, Bars & Strips might look less interesting and competitive, mainly because of its few pay lines and the missing free spins, the game is perfect for casual players or newcomers and does even make several frequent players happy. In order to play Bars & Stripes, no registration or signup is required. The game can be played gratis, right from the website or by downloading the app.

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Bet real Cash, win real Money

Of course, it is also possible, to play Bars & Stripes for real cash. Players who will lucky and who are up for a challenge, can give it a try, if they are at least 18 years old. All that is required, is to register for a game account. Once done, common payment methods can be used, in order to recharge the account and to start playing Bars & Stripes for real money. By doing so, players may also benefit from several special offers and promotions, that may lead to extra cash, bonus payments or other perks, that can be used to play mobile slots or - after the conditions are met - can be cashed out.

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