American Roulette Gold - a classic Casino Game

Online casino games have been famous, ever since they have been released. Despite all the many different card games, slot machines, etc. a typical classic ever since has been Roulette. The well known European gaming company Microgaming has now brought a new version of the famous board game to mobile devices and computers. American Roulette Gold is the American version of the famous casino games, that is known for its high cashout as well as for its excitements.

What players should know about American Roulette Gold

On a first glance, American Roulette Gold is a classic roulette game, that one would expect to be in any casino. However, players who are used to the European roulette demo, will notice one major difference. Instead of just one zero, there are two, which has a slight impact on the edge of the house. Other than that, rules and betting work in the same way. Players can choose between several coins and sums for their bets and if their number - or any other of their bets - is drawn, win. Players who are no familiar with Roulette can play the game gratis, on both mobile devices and computers. There is no limit in free games, making it perfect to learn the game or to play just for fun.

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Bet real cash and win

Players, who know how to play American Roulette Gold and feel lucky, may decide to play for real money. In order to do so, it is necessary to sign up for a real cash account and be at least 18 years of age. By doing so, players can now bet and respectively wi real money. In addition, they may benefit from several promotions or special offers, resulting in free cash, extra money or other perks, that can be used to play or - once the conditions are met - cashed out.

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