Age of Discovery - a fruity experience with a lot of fun

For years, casino games are the most famous online games around. There are now many pages and online casinos, that offer not only a wide variety of classic casino games, such as Poker, but also the famous slot machines. Slots are famous especially, because they can be played quickly and are easy to learn. Generally other than a cool head and some luck, nothing else is needed. With mobile phones becoming more powerful and tablets showing up, it has also become possible, to play Slots such as Age of Discovery or other casino games from virtually anywhere, making these games even more popular.

Age of Discovery - an overview

An exciting game full of fruits awaits players, who decide to give the Age of Discovery mobile demo slots a try. During their fun and interesting journey, players have to deal with a whole lot of bananas, mangoes and other fruits. All those must be lined up on the five reels, in order to get a chance to win. Payout and chances depend on the amount bet and on the pay lines used. Here, Age of Discovery demo offers a hefty 25 pay lines for a player to use. That's a lot more, than many other games offer. Of course there are also special icons, such as the wildcard, replacing any other icon. It plays a vital part in the game and increases the chances to win the Jackpot dramatically. Other specials include the scatter icon.

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Free play without registration or signup

It is possible for players, to gamble Age of Discovery gratis. There is no registration or sign up required, to play free games and there is also no limit in how many times Age of Discovery can be played for free. This makes the game perfect for people, who are new to Slots and are still learning. It is also a great opportunity for those, who wish to play the mobile slots just for fun. However, when playing for free, it is not possible, to win any real money. Players, who are looking for a challenge, can however sign up for a real game account. This account can be recharged with real money and does to bet and - consequently - win real money. In order to play for cash, one must be at least 18 years old. When registering for a real cash account or when recharging the account, players may benefit from several special offers and promotions, that provide free money, add money to the recharged amount, etc. Those funds can then be used to play the real game for free and can be cashed out, once the conditions are met.

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