5 Reel Drive 🍟 Exciting Slots for PC and mobile devices

Looking at online gaming, there are barely any games, as famous, as casino games. Out of those, especially the demo slot machines are highly ranked. Not only do they invite for a quick game, but they are also easy to learn, exciting and allow the player to win a lot of money. With mobile phones and tables becoming more powerful, it has also become possible, to play casino games and slots on mobile devices, from pretty much any place in the world. One of the older games around and probably one of the mostly known ones, is 5 Reel Drive.

What is 5 Reel Drive about?

5 Reel Drive is the classic games of the well known company Microgaming, from Austria. It has also been one of the first game, the business released. Unlike newer games, that can be found around the web these days, 5 Reel Drive is a really easy and simple game. On five reels the player has to gather different food and beverages, lining them up, in order to win. There are no fancy icons or bonuses, just simple scatters, in the form of a police car and a wildcard, represented by a pair of dice, in order to make the game a little easier. While playing, the demo games awakens a feeling of being on a classic american road trip. There is no fancy story nor are there any exciting events. Yet the game provides a lot of fun.

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Perfect slots for mobile devices

What is looking old or outdated on the web, usually works fine on smaller devices. This is true for the 5 Reel Drive demo Slot as well. The game with its easy graphics appears to be perfectly made for the small displays of a smartphone or a tablet and works at high performance without any issues. However, playing on the computer or laptop is of course also possible. In order to play, no registration or sign up is required. Players just have to visit the site mobile-slots.gratis, and can start gambling for virtual money right away. Smartphone and tablet users can download the free app, to play easily on their devices. There is no limit in free games, making it ideal for new players, to learn the slots or for those, who just look for some fun without any risk.

Pay to play is possible

The downside of free games is however, that players can not win any real money. Those ones, who feel ready to try there luck and go for some real money, may choose to player for real money though. In this case, one must be at least 18 years old and must register for account. Afterwards, it is possible to top up the account and play for real money. Whenever gambling for cash, players can win high amounts of money. In addition, there are several special offers and promotions, that help players getting started. This do award free money or give bonuses to payments made, that can be used to play 5 Reel Drive mobile slots for free.

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